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Some pieces from over many years Gallery

Walking on Beach
Thin platter of spalted beech later pyrographed by my other half, Penny. Not for sale
14" diameter platter made for our Royal Marine squad instructor from the 856 Squad intake of 1966. Pyrographed by Penny
Penny's Hollow form
Spalted sycamore hollow form which had a piece fly out. I gave up on it but Penny wanted to do some piercing with sycamore leaves
Penny's Hollow form
The last hollow form which we put in the window and then saw this
Cake Stand
Cake stand made from sycamore. The cakes didn't last as long as the stand
The above Cake Stand
No cakes
Scorched zipped vase
Shaped and then scorched before hollowing. Penny added the zip
24" Trembleur made from African Blackwood
'The last drop' with bottles and glasses along stem with a base forming a stand for more bottles and glasses
Textured Chestnut hollow form with blackwood top
Textured by using a 12 pin welder's 'muck removal' air tool. Painted black and then gilt polish over. This tool is fantastic for turning satsumas
Commemorative Egg Cup
Food safe egg cup with base pyrographed with baby's name, date of arrival, weight etc
14" diameter Natural Edge Chestnut burr bowl
Large chestnut burr bowl finished with oil
Commemorative Police Truncheon
Made from light oak as a present for a former colleague
Roman Helmet
Taught by Andrew Hall. Textured with my trusty welding tool
Natural Edge Yew Vase
Finished with oil
Pendant and earrings
Made from African Blackwood
Pigtail Hollow form
I was very lucky with the colouring which still allows the grain and markings to show through
Statesman Pen and Scroll
The pen was made from a piece of chestnut that had been planted by the 2nd Duke of Montagu in 1710. I was running a website for the Boughton House estate and was given some of the wood. Later presented to the current incumbent
Oak Door Knocker
Oak door knocker using a paper joint for the body and piano wire to connect the two ring halls
A 'Memory' of loved pet. Pyrographed by Penny for her brother