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Woodbury Woodturners Club provide this area as a service for its members who wish to sell goods. The area may be viewed by members of the public also.

All transactions are between the seller and the purchaser; the Club is not involved in transactions undertaken, nor does it warrant the source, price, condition or suitability for use of any equipment listed on this site. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to satisfy themselves as to these aspects of the transaction.

My home built Rose Engine Mk II
Price: £250.00

My Mk II Rose engine has now been replaced by a Mk III version and I am offering it to anyone who might want to develop an interest in ornamental turning.  It come s with stepper motor and electronics, a laser etcher and a milling motor.  The lathe thread is 3/4 by 16 tpi and a chuck is available at extra cost.

I am happy to provide free training on how to use it.

Posted: Saturday 4th December 2021