Turnings of Mine Gallery

The Beekeeper
An incense burner made for a friend who keeps a beehive in his garden
The Downhill Skier
An incense burner made for a friend who is a keen skier
Clown Clock
A novelty desk or shelf clock
Upholstered Stool
Made in Beech with a foam padded seat
Inside out turned stem in beech
Square Edged Bowl
Made in Olive
Made in Lacewood
The Marigold Hotel
A handy item for those who do the washing up
Flower Vase
In yew with a plastic liner to hold water
Irregular Edged Bowl
Made in yew
Segmented Vase and Flowers
A vase constructed with open segments with turned tulip, poppy and bullrush
Light Miner Candle Holder
A traditional figure from the German region of Erzgebirge called Lichterbergman. It is said they were used to light the way to and from the mines.