Alan Thomas demonstration Gallery

Alan Thomas
Alan was our professional demonstrator today and showed his methods of turning a coloured rim bowl and a small lidded box with a cabochon inlay that he made himself. Visit his website here.
Members who attended
Starting on the large rim bowl
Light cuts to produce the holding point
Turning the underside ogee style
Adding the first layer of spirit stain to the rim
First layer completed
Highlighting some areas with a different colour
Hollowing the centre
Hollowing completed
Applying the finish
Top side of completed bowl
Underside of completed bowl
Some of Alan's work
some of Alan's work
Alan's pierced hollow form
Crushed stone
Alan made his own cabochon inlay using a mould to form the crushed stone and medium density super glue.
The mix in the mould.
Starting work on the lidded box
Turning the lid
Home made screw chuck
Alan used his home made screw chuck that was then used to "off centre" mount the id
Off centre mounting
Another view of the chucking
Adding the cabochon inlay to the lid
polished lid
Decoration on the inside of the lid
The completed box
And the bottom of the box
Example of some decoration
Alan used a spiralling tool to decorate a lid and finished it with coloured wax