Joey Richardson Gallery

Joey Richardson
Joey is a internationally renowned woodturner and creative artist, she showed us today not only how to turn a very thin walled vessel but how to shape it pierce and decorate it with piography and air brushing.
Sycamore log
Joey uses Sycamore for most of her turning as it is light in colour.
Turning the outside first.
Drilling a starter hole and depth guide.
Turning the inside.
Testing the thickness of the wall
Getting deeper.
Using a light as a guide to the thickness
Brighter the light thinner the wall!
the turning completed.
Cutting out the shape
Joey used a Proxxon miniature jig saw to cut out the shapes, other methods to complete this task would be a Dremel type rotary tool or a saw.
Cleaning up the edges
Using images
Joey went on to show us how (FREE) Images taken from the internet can be used to transfer images to the wood, only works if a laser printer is used, the image is laid face down to the wood and dampened very slightly with cellulose.
The image is transferred to the wood.
Using a high speed air tool
Quick progress
The air tool was used to pierce and cut out the delicate shapes.
Joey hand drew a picture of a butterfly and outlined it with a thin pirographed line, this helps to keep the paint in place and define the edges
Masking out.
She went on to mask out the butterfly using frisket which is a clear sticky back plastic and covering the rest of the turning with masking tape and tissue paper.
iwata air brush
She uses a iwata air brush for her painting.
Starting with the darker colours and working around to the lighter tones.
More of the butterfly painted.
Competed butterfly.
A completed section she painted earlier.
other work
This is a turning method she uses for more complicated work as in the next photograph.
More work involved with this one
The hall
About thirty five members attended the demonstration which was thoroughly refreshing and interesting.
Another sculpture
Another sculpture
This one took a little longer
This is a bronze casting made from the original wooden piece
Stained glass
Joey uses a new method to simulate small pieces of stained glass, she pierces and cuts out small shapes then uses 3D crystal lacquer neon colours to fill the shapes.
3D crystal lacquer
The colours come in pen form.