July Club night Gallery

Adrian Jacobs
Adrian brought along his rose engine ornamental lathe to show us tonight.
Roger Hutton
Roger brought along some of his home made thread chasing tools and cut some threads for boxes.
Mike Merritt
Mike was here again working hard to raise club funds and grab members cash!!
Keith Wilson
Keith was again in attendance with abrasives and pen making parts.
Adrian's delightful home made rose engine
The rose engine wheels made on a 3D printer
A truly amazing machine.
It will cut ornamental patterns on wood turnings
It can laser burn fine patterns too.
Members got a close up view of the machine in use.
A practise piece
Just one option
Lots of choices.
A quick demo piece with horizontal cuts
Laser pattern
Thicker cuts with an infill
Well received demo, thank you Adrian.
Roger demonstrating his thread cutting technique.
Careful and slow is best for this operation.
The male thread
the female thread
Close up tuition.
Some of Rogers home made cutters.
Much more rewarding to make your own tools!
Well done and thank you Roger.