Club night and presentation Gallery

Barry Westaway
Barry came along to show us how to turn an earring stand in Yew and went on to do what he is famous for the clever Christmas tree in hazel. Barry has demonstrated this all over the country and makes it look very easy.
Thank you Barry
A very interested member.
Peter Gradon
Peter demonstrating spindle turning.
Peter passing on the knowledge.
Tony Bennett
Tony helping others with a hands on demonstration with the skew chisel and turning an egg cup.
Helping the ladies well done Tony
Aladdin mastering the art of the skew chisel.
Peter Johnson
Peter also showed the ladies the proper way to use the tools.
Mike Merritt
Grabbing your cash as usual Mike!!
Keith wilson
Abrasive! no he's a very nice guy.
Vicki Prouse
Vicki collecting her winning award for her very nice Tazza.
Rosemary Walsh
Rosemary picking up the winners tankard for her bowl.
Liz Cherrett
Liz receiving her award for the best Tazza in the beginners section.
Richard Wakeman
Richard won the bowl or platter category in the intermediate section and also the Kevin Morgan trophy.
John Guilfoyle
John collecting his fist prize award for his Mortar and pestle.
Roger Hutton
Winner of the intermediate class open category for his very nicely turned and finished lidded box in purple heart.
Sue Vincent
Sue won the visitors choice shield for her Tazza
Peter somebody ?
Here we go then it's him again !! What can one say about a member who wins every category and best in show other than we hope you have a large glass cabinet ! Very well done Peter some achievement that.
Richard Pegler
Thanks to Richard for standing in for our Stephen Long and presenting the prizes.