February Club night and competition Gallery

Peter Johnson
Peter again giving up his time to demonstrate the finishing techniques he uses to win all the competitions !!!!!
Peter showing an interested member a technique using super glue (CA) as a finish.
Peter's work
Some of Peter's previously made items all showing his trade mark super finish.
Finishing types
Some of Peter's finish collection of oils, friction polish and waxes.
Tony Bennett
Tony once again helping to educate members on the use of the skew chisel.
Roger Hutton trying out the technique.
Another willing member.
John Haxell
John always willing to help, also showing how to use the skew chisel
David Whitworth
David watching intently !!
Paul Loseby
Paul stepping in to give John a break, a very capable wood turner as you will see if you take a look at his gallery.
Female members willing to have a go!!
Jim Bailey
Competition beginners class Third place went to Jim Bailey with a nicely finished bowl.
Trevor Druett
Second place taken by Trevor Druett with a pair of condiment grinders.
Stewart Leach
Winner Stewart Leach who could not attend tonight.
Richard Wakeman
Intermediate class Third place went to Richard Wakeman with a nicely presented bowl with inlay.
Trevor Yates
Second place for Trevor Yates with his deep bowl.
Ray Shaw
Winner Ray Shaw with his off centre bowl with nice lines.
John Rockey
Advanced class third place taken by John Rockey with his square rimmed bowl.
Vicki Prouse
Advanced class joint winner Vicki Prouse with a wide rimmed bowl with a very nicely and accurately applied decoration.
Peter Johnson
Joint winner Peter Johnson with his stylised rimmed bowl (with that great finish)
Beginner entries
Intermediate entries.
Advanced entries
Roger Hutton
Roger accepting his joint competitor of the year award (2019).
Peter Johnson
Peter accepting his turner of the year award (2019).