February Club Night 2022 Gallery

John Rockey's demonstration
John Rockey demonstrating texturing techniques.
Getting involved
Gary Lancaster taking a close interest
Coaster - perhaps
A finished item by John textured and coloured.
A collection.
Some more discs completed with assorted texturing tools.
Tools of the trade
Some texturing tools used by John in tonight's interesting demo.
Peter Johnson
Peter showing us his various ways of achieving the superb finishes he achieves on his turnings.
A good number of members taking interest in Peter's demo.
Oil and wax.
Peter used oil and wax to finish this bowl.
Bees wax
Bees wax and food safe oil was used 80 - 20% on this bowl to obtain a semi-gloss finish.
Wax stick
Canuba wax brought this bowl to a high gloss finish.
Oil and wax
Liberon finishing oil and wax for another fine finish.
Glue ?
A thin cyandacrylate achieved another gloss finish.
Woodturners oil
Using a woodturners oil brought out the grain and features of this piece of rippled sycamore.
Busy night
Members judging the open competition entries.
Aziz's brought along some exotic woods for sale.
Roger Hutton always busy serving up the abrasives.
Competition time.
Aubrey Dean and Stewart Leach had a very busy night sorting and placing competition entries.
Nice to see Michael Merrett back behind the raffle table.
Open Competition.
Entries on the beginner table.
Open Competition
Entries on the intermediate table.
Open competition
Entries on the advanced table.
Jim Bailey
Third place in the beginners section was Jim Bailey with his vase.
Andy Cosway
Second place in the beginners section was Andy Cosway with a nice hollow form with finial.
Trevor Druett
First place in the beginners section was Trevor Druett with his nicely coloured and finished platter.
Trevor Yates
Third place in the intermediate section was Trevor Yates with his nice bowl.
Ray Shaw
Second place in the intermediate section was Ray Shaw with a nice off centre bowl.
Carl Haslam
First place in the intermediate section was Carl Haslem with a very nice earring stand.
Gary Lancaster
Third place in the advanced section was Gary Lancaster with a stunning segmented vase.
Mike Sherlock
Second place in the advanced section was Mike Sherlock with his large vase.
Roger Hutton
First place in the advanced section was Roger Hutton with his cup, saucer,spoon and sugar lumps.