March Club night Gallery

Roger Hutton Demonstration
Roger made use of the big screen tonight to demonstrate thread chasing, allowing members a closer look.
The first touch
The tool approaching the area to be threaded.
Starting the chase
Cutting starts at the end and gradually taken back.
Taking a close interest in Rogers demonstration.
Inner (female) thread
Cutting the female thread to a nice clean finish.
Tools of the trade
the thread cutting tool used to form the female thread inside.
Tools of the trade
The tool used to cut the male thread.
Roger's needle case with threaded cap.
Tiny acorns with threaded caps.
Peter Gradon
Peter's demonstration was a salt shaker with a difference,
Making the body
Peter hollowing out the container.
The cone.
Peter then made a cone with a hole in the centre which was to be inserted in the bottom.
The underside
The finished shaker with a turned peg to seal the hole.
Two of Peters completed shakers.
Top side of completed shakers one with a very nice finial,