Jason Breach demonstration Gallery

Jason Breach
Privileged to have Jason along tonight to give us a demonstration on how to turn a Pagoda box.
Pagoda box
Jason is well known for his skills in making these wonderful little boxes.
To start the box
This is the blank that Jason started with.
The lid
He showed us a ready made lid that he was to replicate from the blank.
Inside of the lid
This was the result showing the inside of the box lid.
The base
He then went on to turn the base of the box.
Turning out the base.
Shaping and adding a bead to the base.
Fitting the lid
Jason took time to make sure the lid was a tight fit as this was used a jam chuck to finish the lid
Shaping the finial.
All done
The completed beaded finial.
Completing the lid with a waxed mop.
The completed and polished lid.
Hollowing tool
Pictures of the scraping tool that Jason used to finish the inside of the box
All complete
The finished Pagoda box
Some more of Jason's items that he brought along to show us.
Other items
Some great looking items from Jason.