For the kitchen Gallery

Cheese slicers
Cheese slicers From left to right 1 &3 olive wood. 2 maple burl and resin. Olive £12 each maple burl and resin £15.
Herb chopper
Herb chopper Olive wood.
Cheese knives
Cheese knives One is olive wood the other coloured spectraply. £10 each.
Cheese knives
Cheese knives. Handel's fom top to bottom 1,3&4 coloured spectraply 2 Tiger wood 5 Olive wood £12 each
Cheese knives/herb chopper
Cheese knives/herb choppers Versatile for chopping and slicing. Handel's are Olive wood. £10 each.
Whisk, handle is made from Olive wood.
Ice cream scoops
Ice cream scoops. Wood from left to right 1 laburnum 2 coloured spectraply 3 pau Rosa. £12 each.
Cake slicers
Cake slicers. Handel's Olive wood and £12 each.
Bottle openers
Bottle openers Woods from top to bottom. Laburnum Coloured spectraply African tulip Olive Spalted beech Pau rosa
Basting brushes
Basting brushes Handels are olive wood. Used hogs bristles
Basting brushes
Basting brushes Wood is coloured spectraply. Used hogs bristles.
Cake knives
Cake knives £15 each Wood from left to right: Zebranu, Olive, Pau Rosa, Pau Rosa, African blackwood.
Herb choppers
Herb choppers Olive wood. £12 each
Potato masher
Potato mashers £15 each.