Carlyn Lindsay Gallery

Carlyn Lindsay
A day with Carlyn Lindsay. a very refreshing demonstration by Carlyn a well known laminated turner and a Yeoman of The Worshipful Company of Turners.
Spinning top or box ?
Carlyn started off making a Spinning top with a little secret !
Shaping up.
She started by mounting a black on the chuck and turning it to the round.
Drilling out.
She drilled and hollowed out a small amount from the centre to form the box.
Threaded insert
An insert was turned from box wood and threaded, then glued into the neck of the box.
Male thread
A second threaded section was made to fit the handlepart.
The handle
Carlyn carried on and mounted a laminated square section blank ( this was laminated and made before hand ) between centres
Shaping the handle.
The section was then turned to shape and the threaded section glued to the bottom.
The point
Carlyn turned a small Ebony insert and fitted it to the centre bottom of the box and turned to a point.
The parts were tool finished and only required a light sanding.
Project Number two.
Carlyns second demonstration was turning a tool handle. It was roughly turned and fitted with a brass ferrule.
The handle was the turned around and the final shape turned and finished.
Carlyn decorated the handle using the hot wire method.
Third project.
A lidded box was the third demonstration, turned from Sycamore.
The lid
She carried on turning the lid of the box.
Jam chuck
The lid was then turned around and a jam chuck used in combination with support from the tail stock to finish the top part.
Carlyn had pre-made some parts from laminated sycamore and ebony veneer.
The knob.
One for the knob and one for the foot.
The completed box which was very nicely finished.
Busy day.
The three completed items.
Wax tub
Carlyn used this wax to lubricate and help the threading prosses.
A small example of thread chasing.
Some of Carlyns work made to a very high standard.
More examples
The laminated bowl looked superb and gallery ready.
And more
Great work and a nice day with Carlyn
About forty members enjoyed the day.